Kontrol for HomeKit.
Home-Automation redefined.
KONTROL is a simple and clean iOS application serving as universal remote control for your smart home.
The only remote control for your smart home you'll want to use.
Your lights at a glance: Swipe to change their brightness.
Touch a lamp to open the color picker.
KONTROL works with Apple HomeKit supporting a variety of hardware.
Get started with the new Philips hue bridge 2.0 or the Nanoleaf bulbs.
A universal design for any screen size: iPhone and iPad.
Human driven.
Dim your lights with the "Digital Crown" on your Apple Watch.
Standalone even without your iPhone.
Day and night
Kontrol looks different after sunset.
Using GPS Kontrol will automatically toggle between themes.
Hey Siri.. Good morning!
KONTROL is fully compatible with Siri in (nearly) any language. Just name your scenes in your own, natural speech.
Wake up and set your home ready for another day, your eyes still closed.
Activate scenes automatically
.. or use your Apple Watch
iBeacon meets HomeKit
Stick your beacons in any location or to any object to create new, contextually rich mobile experiences.
Save energy and only heat & light the rooms you are actually using.
Automatically see the devices around you.
Name an iBeacon like a room. When you enter it Kontrol will automatically present you the devices around you. You’ll love this feature if you got multiple rooms.
Learn more about the HomeKit platform:
Extending possibilities
Additional hardware and features
Kontrol is not only about a great smart-home experience but about your creativity.
Theaters, artists, musicians, education - from professionals to amateurs.
Kontrol acts as server for OSC commands allowing you to hook up nearly anything without having to take care of all the technics behind.
Out now
OSC support for HomeKit
Kontrol enables an easy and accessible way to create interactive lightning experiences.
Join the beta group
Get the app
Support independent software development for a more colorful world.
Additional features will follow soon!
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